Chances are high that your friend has invited you to invest in Morris coin and become the next millionaire by investing before the ICO. But how reliable is this Morris coin? Have you done your background check before investing your hard-earned money into this?

I will tell you everything about this new coin and why should stay away from this scam and do not invest in it.

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What is Morris Coin?

Morris coin is yet another cryptocurrency ICO scam than has been emerged from Kerala, southern India a few months ago. Many of my friends have been victims of this fake coin and they claim the Morris coin to be a cryptocurrency that is waiting for the ICO very soon.

One reason for the high momentum of the Morris coin is that they claim that chances are very high for the early investors to make a huge exit bagging truckload of money when the coin launches with the example of bitcoin. And everyone is so fascinated by the spike of the cryptocurrencies like the bitcoin, Etherum, and all since the early investors are millionaires now.

Is Morris coin a real cryptocurrency?

Let me tell you, Morris Coin is a scam, and you should not waste your hard-earned money on these types of money chain scams. They claim to be a cryptocurrency but do they use the blockchain? No, you won’t get a blockchain id which is the core technology behind every cryptocurrency.

Why is Morris Coin a scam?

Have you ever visited the Morris coin website? It is one of the most suspicious and deceptive websites that I’ve seen in the near past. They do not have any legit information about the founders, official addresses, or any technical information about the currency.

The website looks very scammy and please do stay away from these money chains.

What is Morris coin in reality?

Morris coin is nothing but a money chain like rocket hub and a few others that were launched this year. All of these fraud companies have something in common, they try to confuse the users with terms like Multi-level marketing, blockchain, cryptocurrency and make them believe that these are future technologies and many people will end up investing their money on these fraud companies.

Is Morris Coin legal in India?

There have been several audio clips spreading about the Morris coin that they are all set fo the ICO and please do not trust it, they don’t have any authentic information and everything they spread is fake. To learn more about how cryptocurrencies work, click here to go to Wikipedia. Morris coin is not a legal cryptocurrency in India.

Morris Coin review India

Morris coin isn’t a real cryptocurrency and upon reviewing their website and service till now, it is verified that there is nothing that confirms the legality and genuineness of the Morris coin in India and isn’t a great investment option. I hope this answers your question that morris coin isn’t legal in India and not a safe option to invest your hard-earned money.

There have been many instances of these types of money chain, MLM scams emerging from Kerala in the near past and there were many wealthy people from Kerala who became millionaires by scamming people.

Marketing Strategy used by Morris-coin in India

This is a coin that was emerged from Kerala and the founders and the investors are majorly from Kerala. They have a refer and earn program that is very lucrative and has the potential to make huge money by scamming your friends.

I repeat this is yet another ICO scam and is not a cryptocurrency.



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